The Upstairs Gallery

This not-for-profit community art gallery is on Level One of Lopdell House and is charged with promoting the arts at a local level. With up to 12 exhibitions per year, covering a vast range of mediums, artistic skills, ages and community groups, a trip up the stairs is always worthwhile!

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Opening Hours

Opening Hours


10am to 4.00pm

Entry is free

Smita Upadhye: Saree & The Feminine

Smita Upadhye Upstairs Gallery

In this one-off exhibition, our artist Smita Upadhye portrays an aspect that binds all Indian women through threads of elegance; their love for sarees. To define, these are five to nine yards of light material in form of bliss adorned by every woman in India. It’s not just a cloth to be draped around your waist but has a lot more to offer - a deeper emotional connection with every feminine.