Titirangi Theatre


First formed in 1935, Titirangi Theatre has long played an integral role in the life of Titirangi village. The theatre takes great pride in maintaining the consistently high standard of its productions, offering a program that caters for all tastes, from Shakespeare to contemporary and locally written plays.

Due to the intimate size of the theatre, sell-out performances are not uncommon, so early bookings are advised!


An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde: 28 August- 8 September

An Ideal Husband deals with corruption and attempted blackmail in 18th century English politics.
Sir Robert Chiltern, Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs and a rising star in the political firmament has a dark secret. In his youth he leaked the details of a political document in order to obtain a large sum of money that has been the foundation of his political success.
His wife, Lady Chiltern, cannot begin to conceive that her ideal husband could ever be guilty of such a crime and as far as Sir Robert is concerned she never will know and nor will anyone else. But glamourous, unscrupulous Mrs. Cheveley has other ideas.
​She has come to London with the express purpose of forcing him to repeat the crime so that this time she can reap the benefits of it.
Set in the glittering high society of the time and with a large cast of gloriously eccentric characters, Oscar Wilde extracts every ounce of comedy from this serious subject in his famous, witty epigrammatic style.

Director: Liz Watkinson

An Ideal Husband, Titirangi Theatre at Lopdell House