Titirangi Theatre


First formed in 1935, Titirangi Theatre has long played an integral role in the life of Titirangi village. The theatre takes great pride in maintaining the consistently high standard of its productions, offering a program that caters for all tastes, from Shakespeare to contemporary and locally written plays.

Due to the intimate size of the theatre, sell-out performances are not uncommon, so early bookings are advised!


Dead Man’s Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl

An oddball but beguiling comedy from a modern English playwright.

Hunched over a bowl of soup at lunch one day, the mousy-looking Jean becomes flustered, then irritated, then quietly outraged as the phone of a man across the way trills insistently. He makes no move to answer, so Jean gingerly approaches, only to find that the man is not afflicted with rudeness but with a mild case of rigor mortis. The phone continues to ring. And as Jean will later say with mournful truth, a ringing phone demands to be answered. So she flips it open.
“Hello?” Pause. A sidelong glance at the guy who failed to fog a spoon. “No, he’s not. Can I take a message?”

Director: Duncan Milne

Dead Man’s Cell Phone