Upstairs Exhibition - Sean Hill - Enersefrequence II

On show 3 - 19 May


The Upstairs Art Gallery

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Open daily, 10am to 4pm

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Closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Upstairs Gallery is located on Level 1 of Lopdell House

Sean Hill - Enersefrequence II

On show 3-19 May 2024

Enersefrequence is a combination of three words: energy, sequence and frequency combining to create one singular word.

The idea of this exhibition is creating artworks that individually represent each of these words but also combine as a Enersefrequence within the exhibition space, while they have individual constructs, they seamlessly merge as one.

Energy can be quite powerful and valuable; Sean wants the audience to experience the power of abstract forms as energy itself and how you can experience a world in front of you but also within your body.

Through abstract forms and frequency static lines, Sean wants the viewer to experience the importance on colour and how colour changes our energy through a visual experience. Creating an experience that is visually stimulating, playfully cohesive, expanding abstract meanings, colourfully balanced and to experiment on how different forms of reality can be visually enjoyed.

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