Titirangi Theatre - Wolf Art Camp

On stage 21 September to 23 September


Basement Level Lopdell House

Titirangi Theatre presents Wolf Art Camp

Three plays by Titirangi Theatre's acting classes, directed by John Goudge.

Wolf is presented by the children's class

Industrial Art and School Camp are presented by the adult's class

Art Wolf Camp

21 September to 23 September, 7pm | General Admission $15, Concessions $10

Wolf - Presented by Titirangi Theatre’s acting class for children

The world has been rocked by a meteor impact. Much of the population has been evacuated, but a group of street kids are left behind on the surface. Two sisters make an unlikely friendship as they try to survive.

Industrial Art - Presented by Titirangi Theatre’s acting class for adults

Gromit manufacturing company Walter and Riley is on the brink of closure. A series of hair-brained schemes to boost business have fallen flat. Can a failed artist provide the creative energy to save the factory?

School Camp - Presented by Titirangi Theatre’s acting class for adults

Adults play children in this ridiculous account of a school camp gone wrong. The stressed-out teacher tries to organize a rag-tag bunch of misfit children, but accidents are just waiting to happen. As a sinister plot unfolds, not everyone is who they appear to be.