Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery

This destination gallery operates from an award-winning, purpose-built building in the Lopdell Precinct. Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery presents a diverse program of contemporary exhibitions, events and activities to reflect the full diversity of cultural identities, interests and potential of the community.

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Opening Hours

Opening Hours


10am to 4.30pm

Closed Good Friday, Anzac Day morning & Christmas Day

Entry is free


Stephen Ellis-Headforemost-Te Uru GallerImage: Unsettlement, 2018. Ballpoint pen and correction fluid on paper.

On 26 November 1841 the small boat containing William Cornwallis Symonds and four other passengers sank “headforemost” in the Manukau Harbour.

Symonds was the impetuous deputy to Governor William Hobson. The Manukau Land Company was a private scheme instigated by Symonds, to entice Scottish emigrants to his proposed capital city on land that he had not yet negotiated the purchase of at Cornwallis.

For this exhibition Stephen Ellis reimagines the settling of Symonds’ unbuilt city at Cornwallis, the last remnant of which is its rebuilt wharf.  Ellis reimagines the settlement through scale models, which serve as the basis for a series of large ballpoint pen drawings.

Ellis’ research, modelling and meticulous drawings contrast historic and current colonisation and migration; the push and pull, the drivers and the disappointments of so much arduous journeying.

19 May – 5 August 2018