Silva Method Training with Irene Joseph

The Silva Method training - Irene Joseph - Lopdell House Titirangi


Live an extraordinary life with the time-tested Silva Method

Transform your daily life, to be stress–free, relaxed, energised and motivated. You’ll learn how to function at the Alpha level of consciousness and reprogram your mind with a positive attitude to achieve your goals. You will become more creative, energised and motivated. Your confidence in your abilities will increase, helping you to create that happy, healthy and vibrant lifestyle that you’ve always desired.

The Silva Method is a proven method of learning how to function at the alpha brain wave level. The training consists of simple guided meditations that teach you how to relax the body, which enables the mind to relax and reach a state of relaxed alertness.



Irene Joseph

Irene is a charismatic and dynamic teacher, passionate about sharing the Silva methodology with everyone who desires to live more consciously and raise their awareness on all levels of their being, thus creating a more joyous and harmonious life for themselves, their loved ones and the world.

The Silva Method


Friday 31 March - Monday 3 April

Friday 2 June - Monday 5 June

Friday 4 August - Monday 7 August

Friday 27 October - Monday 30 October

Friday 1 December - Monday 4 December