Pollywood Pasifika Film


Celebrating 20 years of Pasifika-focused film

Pollywood Pasifika Film - Lopdell Theatre Titirangi


Monday 7 November 2022, 7-9pm

Pollywood Pasifika Film has a great selection of short films to entertain you. Enjoy 80mins of short films from NZ, Hawaii and beyond, orchestrated by Founder/Director Craig Fasi and brought to you by Te Uru.

R13. Violence, offensive language & content that may disturb.

Showing in Lopdell Theatre. Tickets are just $7!


Burning of the Gods

7 mins | 2022 | NZ

A young man travels back in time, from luxury resorts and lagoon tours through pandemic and population exodus, to early Christianity when missionaries incinerated his island's atua and marae. Finally he reconnects with his tipuna who settled the island a thousand years ago.

Become the Warrior

4 mins | 2022 | NZ

From a Pasifika lens, building on indigenous ways of seeing the world and understanding our spiritual connections to our ancestors; this we understand to be a legitimate way fo building resilience and well-being in young people.


Sina ma Tinirau

8 mins | 2021 | USA

When a prince is cursed to become an eel, he has to win the love of a beautiful woman to become human again.


Hawaiian Soul

20 mins | 2021 | USA

Against the backdrop of the 1970s native rights movement, George Helm, a young Hawaiian activist and musician, must gain the support of kūpuna (community elders) from the island of Maui to aid in the fight of protecting the precious neighbouring island of Kahoʻolawe from military bombing.



9 mins | 2021 | NZ

Based on the treatment of Pacific Island families during the New Zealand Dawn Raids of the 1970's, this short film is an intimate look into a police raid, as told through the eyes of a young girl, Losa and her father, Lupematasila.


Soli Bula

7 mins | 2021 | Fiji

In an alternate reality Fiji, where tradition and culture was never eroded by colonialism, a new Drua (ship) is about to be put to sea and will demand a steep toll for the final stage of its launch.


20 mins | 2022 | NZ

Thick, deadly smog blankets the globe, reducing visibility to less than a few metres. Living in a secluded farmhouse, a woman and her overbearing husband attempt to find resources and survive using a series of walking trails crafted from rope and stakes. One night, the woman is alerted to the presence of someone or something, deep in the smog. Desperate to escape, the woman attempts to meet the unknown and risk everything to leave her loveless and abusive relationship behind.