Intuitive Collage Workshop

Sunday 10 March, 10am to 4pm


Join award-winning portrait artist, Naomi Azoulay, for a day of intuitive collage.

Naomi holds a BA in Art History and is a self-taught artist. Naomi creates captivating, bold, intimate and vibrant analogue collages and oil paintings, aiming to tackle social justice issues, decolonise the art space and expand the definition of beauty, whilst promoting creativity and spreading the gospel of intuitive collage.

Seminar Room Lopdell House

Intuitive Collage Workshop

Sunday 10 March, 10am to 4pm | The Seminar Room, Level 1, Lopdell House | $20 per person

Embark on a transformative artistic adventure with local artist Naomi Azoulay, where you'll discover the therapeutic benefits of collage art to ease stress and nurture creativity. This Intuitive Collage Workshop is designed to provide a relaxing and reflective outlet for processing emotions and quieting the mind, requiring no prior artistic experience.

Under Naomi's guidance, you will create a paper collage and explore various techniques and approaches, emphasising spontaneity and intuition to foster a flowing and forgiving creative process free from technical challenges.

Our workshop offers an inclusive and supportive environment, encouraging individual expression with a non-judgmental approach.

Seize this opportunity to experience the joy of creating beautiful collages while delving into your unique visual language.

This one-day workshop promises a transformative and fulfilling journey that will leave you inspired and refreshed.

All abilities are welcome. The Seminar Room is accessible by lift.