Flicks @ Lopdell


Flicks Titirangi is hosted in the Theatre at Lopdell House.

Enjoy new release art-house and documentary films from all over the world.

Tickets for Flicks Titirangi are available online at eventfinda, by phoning or texting 0210 222 5558 and on the door on film nights.

Lopdell Film Festival 2021 - Titirangi

A great selection of films for all ages and tastes. Includes new releases, drama, docos, family films and ending with the classic film 'Death in Venice', celebrating the 50th year since its release.

Flicks Titirangi - Minamata

Minamata (M)

Friday 2 July 10.30am, 6pm & 8.15pm

A nearly unrecognizable Johnny Depp plays real-life US photojournalist W. Eugene Smith in this earnest look at his mission to document a pollution-ravaged Japanese community. Smith's glory days were in the Second World War and the decades following, working for Life magazine when analogue cameras were incapable of lying and magazines with compelling photos could command news stand sales.
This drama finds him in his declining years; drunk, depressed and impossible to work with. Japanese-American Aileen (Minami Hinase) alerts him to an environmental atrocity in Japan that he could do something about, if he chose to rouse himself from his grumpy self-indulgent ennui. In the coastal town of Minamata on Japan’s south-western coast, the Chisso corporation has been dumping mercury waste into the water, which is poisoning the fish and the humans who eat them.