Flicks @ Lopdell

FLICKS @ Lopdell 2017

Flicks Titirangi is based in the Theatre at Lopdell House and shows new release art-house and documentary films from all over the world.

Tickets are available online at Eventfinda, by phoning or texting 0210 222 5558 and on the door on film nights.


Foxtrot (R13)

Foxtrot at Flicks Titirangi

Friday 28 September - 10.30am, 6pm & 8.15pm

Fotxtrot, which is a dance as well as an army code word, depicts contemporary Israel as a very surreal place, but one causing genuine pain and psychological damage. The film is divided into three unequal parts that fit together after a while. In the first, an army detail rings the bell of the Feldman family to inform them that their son Jonathan has been killed in the line of duty. The film is definitely a strong experience, but putting it all together is up to the viewer. Taking a clue from the title, the characters seem to have a date with destiny because no matter what they do, they always end up in the same spot, like the forward and backward steps of the foxtrot. More compellingly, the pain of grief-stricken parents is seen as a direct result of the absurdity of warfare and the way it is waged with unready recruits.