Concert - We Mavericks

Friday 10 May, 7.30pm


Basement Level Lopdell House

We Mavericks

Lindsay Martin’s masterful strings and vocal meets songstress Victoria Vigenser’s magnificent voice and driving rhythms in a connection that is hard to describe. Originally from the NSW Riverina and NZ respectively, they're travelling troubadours with uniquely gritty, evocative songs and echoes of their love for Americana and Celtic traditional music amongst the harmonies.

We Mavericks - All This Noise Tour

Friday 10 May, 7.30pm (doors open from 7pm) | Tickets $30 (earlybird $25)

We Mavericks make a triumphant return to Aotearoa New Zealand in celebration of their new release “All This Noise”, performing a carefully curated collection of tracks from their forthcoming album “Heart of Silver”.

They are real-life troubadours and masters in the art of connection; Victoria Vigenser (NZ) and Lindsay Martin (AU) interweave effortless strings, soulful vocals and driving rhythms to form a singular, intense musical voice. The duo have been called contemp-folk, alt-country and acoustic-pop, but no words capture their unbelievable musical kinship, or the deeply heartfelt way they relate to their audiences.

Combining both lyrical and instrumental prowess, the Tui and AFMA-nominated couple have an inexplicable appeal that has seen them on a steep rise to festival stages throughout Australia and New Zealand. This year sees them touring Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe.

“He has a familiar soft folk tenor. She has a strong ringing tone with muscle behind a clear crystalline voice… The violin cries for her and the harmony vocals are divine… We Mavericks are a serendipitous pairing…” 13th Floor, NZ